Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, it is compulsory at all times when on track, for all participants whether driver or passenger to wear a helmet. If you are in an open top car then it is mandatory to use a full-face helmet with the visor firmly closed down and secured. If you are in a closed car then an open face helmet is acceptable. Your helmet needs to be in good condition, suitable for motorsport and from a recognised manufacturer.

What do I need to wear?

When on circuit you will need to make sure that your arms and legs are covered at all times. A simple solution is to wear a Nomex (fire retardant) race suit is the simplest and most practical solution however, jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt are fine as a minimum although if you are in an open top car, then a sturdier top is advisable. We do not suggest the wearing in open top cars of hoodies as these will “flap” about dangerously to your vision when at speed. We recommend the wearing of driving shoes or race boots for drivers or thin sole training (or tennis) shoes as minimum. Trainers with a heavy, “chunky grip” are not advisable.

What am I required to bring with me to the day?

You are required to bring your drivers license with you for signing on ahead of your briefing session and for anyone over the age of 18 who does not have a current valid driving license, an in-date motorsport licence will be required as a minimum.

Can I arrive late to the track day?

Yes, you can arrive late to one of our track days however, you still must go through the registration and signing on protocol along with, where required by the circuit, noise testing too. You will also need to have a safety briefing and as the day will already be running and our staff will be busy, this may take some time to arrange so please be patient as we will get to you as quickly as we can so that you can enjoy as much time on track as is possible. Remember, other participants will already be up to speed when you go out so please ensure that you build your pace carefully until you have learnt the circuit and are fully familiar with the track conditions for the day.

This will be my first track day. Will I be okay?

NO!, Parabolica Events track days are designed to be fast paced and for experienced track day drivers and racers only. This is not an ideal first experience for you so if you have booked with us in error, please contact us to inform us of this so we can decide upon an appropriate solution as your safety and the safety of all others on a Parabolica Events track day is of paramount importance to us.

What type of car can I use on a Parabolica Track day?

You can use road registered or track only and race cars on a Parabolica Events track day. However, your car must ideally have a minimum of 350 bhp and be track suitable (sports cars, super cars and race cars), and be in good condition for the purpose of being driven hard in on-track conditions. Parabolica Events reserves the right to exclude any car that it is felt is sub standard to the needs of the track days and could put the safety of the driver or any of the other event participants at risk.

Does my car have to have a roll cage or other specialist equipment fitted to be allowed on track?

No. Whilst always advisable when driving a car on track it is not compulsory for your car to have a roll bar fitted. It is, however, compulsory to have a towing eye fitted to your car at all times during the event to enable your car to be recovered quickly by the circuits’ recovery operation, in the event that it either breaks down whilst you are on track or you are involved in an incident where your car cannot safely be driven back carefully to the pitlane & paddock.

Do I need special tyres to be able to take my car on track?

Your car needs to be fitted with suitable tyres that are in good condition to be able to drive it on track. In most cases these will be at the very least, the tyres that car was specified with at the time when it was new however many people upgrade their cars tyres to a brand/type that is more performance orientated and this is fine also. Race cars should be fitted with appropriate slicks/wets for that car that still have enough wear on them as demonstrated by their wear indicators.

What if my car does not pass the noise limit at the track?

Unfortunately, noise pollution has become a major factor for track day organisers now days and you should be informed that we the organisers and the circuit owners themselves have no power to affect this. It is purely controlled by the local authority (council), of which each circuit is situated in and if breached, the circuit can face closure so noise limits will be enforced rigidly. It is therefore the vehicle owners’ or operator’s responsibility and no one else’s, to ensure that the car they bring to the track day that they have booked is compliant with the noise regulations that day as failure to comply will result in the car being excluded and no refunds will be given in these circumstances. Most circuits will be happy to test your car for noise ahead of your day booked there if you are unsure and you should contact the circuit to arrange this to avoid any unnecessary upset on your day.

What should I expect of a Parabolica Events track day?

When you book a track day with Parabolica Events you can expect to be sharing your day with absolute track day enthusiasts who amongst them will bring a wide variety of high-level sports cars, supercars and race cars from the recent past right up to the very latest supercars of today. We keep our event numbers to a minimum to ensure that there is never overcrowding on track and a minimum permitted performance is operated to ensure the potential for the speed differential on track is kept to a sensible minimum. You can expect to be sharing the track with very capable drivers who understand where to place their car to ensure that you know where to pass them safely and you should ensure that you too, place your car similarly for the same reasons. Our clients are capable, fast but courteous drivers and we pride ourselves on the many friendships that are made between people attending our days. Please remember that we do not award trophies and as such everyone who takes their car home in the same condition that it arrives is the winner in our book!

What are the overtaking rules on a Parabolica Events track day?

Where the circuit permit us too, Parabolica Events run free overtaking rules. This means that you are free to overtake wherever it is safe for you to do so. This puts the sole onus of responsibility onto the driver who wishes to overtake to have ascertained that he is certain that the car ahead is placed predictably safe for him to pass and that the driver is aware that he is behind and planning to or likely to overtake. The overtaking driver has to be 100% certain that he can make his overtake without the need for the car he is overtaking to take any avoiding action or alter his logical path. The driver of the car in front should 100% maintain his line which should be the correct line for the circuit and only if safe to do so, you can ease off the accelerator to aid the car that is passing you when it is safe to do so.


Where the circuit does not allow us to run to these, our preferred overtaking rules, we will advise you on the days as to the protocol that will be operated under.

Can I bring multiple cars to the day?

Yes, our charge is for the driver and not the car however if you are planning to bring more than one car then please contact us to let us know beforehand so we can ensure that we have the correct amount of identifying passes for your cars as only cars with passes will be allowed out onto the circuit.

Do Parabolica Events operate sessional track days or open pitlane?

All of Parabolica Events track days operate to an open pitlane policy throughout the day. However, we will have at the beginning of each track day groups of no more than ten cars on a “follow the leader” basis for three laps only for drivers who have never been to that circuit before so they can familiarise themselves before the pitlane goes green.

Can more than one driver share a car?

Yes, Parabolica Events allow up to two drivers to share a car at any one event. You have the option to book the additional driver for a small additional cost at the time of your booking. If, however, you realise that you wish to bring a second driver after you have booked then before the event, we request that you contact us to make us aware and provide the details of the second driver so that we can be prepared to expect them on the day as without this, the delays caused in accommodating your request may lead to a delay in you getting out on track.

Can I bring a passenger?

Yes, Parabolica Events allow you to bring up to two passengers on the day however, only one passenger will be permitted to be in the car at any time whilst on circuit. You have the option to book passengers for a small additional cost at the time of your booking. If, however, you realise that you wish to bring your passengers after you have booked then before the event, we request that you contact us to make us aware and provide the details of the passengers so that we can be prepared to expect them on the day as without this, the delays caused in accommodating your request may lead to a delay in you getting out on track.

What happens if I break down or have an incident on track?

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a breakdown or have an incident on track, you should if you and your car is capable to do so, carefully drive back to the pitlane in a slow and considered manner to the outside edge of the circuit and with your hazard warning lights switched on if your vehicle has them fitted. However, if your vehicle has stopped and cannot make the journey back to the pitlane, try to park as safely as possible and leave your car only under the instruction of the marshal to behind the safety barrier whilst you await the recovery vehicle to arrive.

Do I need to have my car insured whilst it is on track?

No, it is not essential for you to have your car insured whilst it is on track at one of our events however you should be aware of the risk of using your vehicle in this way and manage your own situation as is appropriate. There are specialist insurance companies who we are happy to put you in touch with who can offer you tailored cover for your needs and you also need to be fully aware that if you do have an accident and cause any damage to the circuit itself (armco, barriers etc), then you are liable for this also.

Can I use a Pit Box (Garage)?

You can only use a pit box if you have booked and paid to use one. You will have an option to book and pay for your Pit Box at the time of your booking however if you missed this and/or subsequently wish to book one before your day on track then please contact us and if one is still available then we will ensure that this has been added to your booking. By booking a pit box with Parabolica Events this will ensure that only you can have the space in the pitlane in front of your pit box too. Those who choose not to use the pit box have to enter and leave the pitlane for each time they wish to go onto the circuit through the designated route made available that day.

Is fuel available at the circuit?

Fuel is almost always available at the circuits used by Parabolica Events however, you should also be aware that it is also always more expensive than when purchased at off circuit fuel stations.

Are photographs available from the day?

We try to have a professional photographer present at all of our days and their work will be available for purchase separately and not through Parabolica Events directly.

Can I come to the circuit the night before the event?

As hirer, Parabolica Events have use of the circuits’ facilities during the period of our event only which is typically from 8:00am – 5:00pm. The circuits always try to be accommodating to any attendees who have travelled and arrive early and so if you need to arrive the night before then it is preferable that you contact the circuit first and ask if there is anywhere in particular that they would prefer you to park upon arrival as it is likely that there will be an event running when you arrive which they cannot have you in amongst.

What happens if I wish to cancel my track day?

If in the unlikely event you wish to cancel your track day(s), our policy is as follows:

  • One calendar months’ notice – Full credit, less £25.00 administration charge to be used against a future PE
  • Minimum 14 days’ notice – Full credit, less a £50.00 administration charge will be given against a future PE event, but only if we can sell your place otherwise there will be no credit given.
  • Less than 14 days’ notice – 50% credit will be given against a future PE event, but only if we can sell your place otherwise there will be no credit given.
  • If in any of the instances above you are able, to sell your space(s) yourself to someone who meets with the criteria of one of our events and can provide us with the details so that we can verify this first, then we will accommodate these changes at no additional cost to you.
Do Parabolica Events have vehicle support at their track days?

No we do not provide vehicle support at our events however, there is always a race team or two in attendance at our events along with mechanic support that many of our clients directly pay to bring along themselves so we would suggest that if you find yourself in need of mechanical assistance, that you politely ask for help ensuring that you are respectful of the person who might have paid for that mechanic to be at our event so as not to cause any upset.

N.B. Parabolica Events track days are there to provide participants the opportunity to drive their high-performance road and/or race cars away from the public highways and in a controlled environment. We do not offer a facility for race drivers to practice their lap times ahead of an upcoming event and will not tolerate racing by participants in any way either. It is of paramount importance to Parabolica Events that everyone’s safety is of the highest concern and so we reserve the right to exclude anyone from one of our events if they are seen to be driving inappropriately in any way so as to put at risk, the safety of others and the spirit with which we operate our events as a track day organiser.



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