The Guys Behind Parabolica Events

Parabolica Events was formed by Nick and Ralf, who have been track day enthusiasts for years. They finally met at an event after chatting online via various car forums and immediately clicked with each other.

They both felt something was missing from ‘normal’ track day events – the ability to enjoy the company of an evening with everyone you had met out on track. “Wouldn’t it be great if…” – and that was the light bulb moment. There was a gap in the market for an exclusive track day team that provides a full package from fast-paced, low numbers track driving through to fantastic accommodation, hospitality and catering.

By having fewer numbers on track this naturally increases the safety of those who join and by getting to know each other over an evening meal means there is a lot more respect for each other when out on track together. Parabolica Events is passionate about building a community of like-minded individuals and providing the best-of-the-best when it comes to motorsport events.

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We look forward to seeing you out on track with us soon!

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A superlative track experience outfit!

I attend more track events than most and have used all the major UK track events organisers. Parabolica among them have a unique offering that is unrivalled on so many levels. Parabolica events are custom organised for a full soup to nuts set of experiences - the locations, the accommodations, the track access, the attendees, the gastronomical spread, etc. Absolutely fantastic!

A great place to meet new friends

The events are much more intimate involving small groups of like-minded individuals where if you are not friends before you join, you definitely will be by the end! The friendliness among the group ensures there are both the highest levels of respect for each other and our precious cars, yet where desired a high degree of competition and camaraderie.

The ultimate win-win

These are events that one is happy to take your partner along (whether they are into track days or not) and the event can easily compound into a mini break. The hotels and catering alone sufficient to please the other half. My wife came out to the Algarve last year at the Portimão event and enjoyed it so much that she wants to do it again. That was the ultimate win-win for me!”

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